Talk about Willingness and Survival

Every time we would have a busy night at work, all of us would get out of the kitchen together and meet at the bar next door for a nice chilled pint of beer. And then go to Charlie’s the only amazing place to have the best fish and chips. Charlie only opened his small store after 6pm every night till midnight. Within 6 hours he would make big money. Only reason he could do that, was his consistent smile and quality he would serve his customers. People would line up outside his store from 4.30pm to eat there. Chef Gray told me once, Charlie was the best example I can study over “willingness”. Chef Gray strongly believed that he succeeded because he was willing. He knew Charlie since 1997. When he first opened his store he had a few assortments on the menu that he used to cook. Still he barely had 10 people eating in one evening at his store. For over 7 months he kept on with the same low business. Chef told me he used to observe that Charlie would keep changing his recipes or daily specials to come up with new creations. Only thing that kept Charlie going was his willingness to succeed. Over a period of few months Charlie figured out what his customers like and today Charlie is only serving Fish and Chips and he has at least 150 people eating at his store in a single evening. He never advertises for his business. He only keeps the quality consistent. He delivers the same quality every day. He is willing to greet his customers with that same broad smile; he is willing to cook; he is willing to keep that passion for cooking at the best and knows just how to have his team keep up with it too.


That night walking back home was different. I was thinking of Chef Gray and Charlie who are setting good example for people like me who are starting to climb the first few steps in the ladder of their career. I thought of appreciating these people by thinking “may be there could be a book about them and lot of others out there may get inspired by their work”. My writer brain was trying to wake up. I was growing tired of my head trying to figure out what book to write, yet it was keeping me entertained. I started thinking it is not about what you end up doing or where you end up going, it is more about having fun doing it or getting there. You just have to be in the moment and enjoy what you are doing no matter what would be the final result. Living is easy, tough part is not to let it turn into survival. There is a thin line between living and surviving. I often recognize people without passion as survivals in this world. If you have no smile, no fun, no passion that you live for you are not really living. Life comes with breathing; with feeling. Moments pass by you quickly, you have to capture every moment and turn it into something great, something memorable, and something amazing. Then you can feel that you are alive and you are living, and not surviving like some of us are.


2 thoughts on “Talk about Willingness and Survival

  1. yea, like i said sometime ago in one of poems: “saans lena jeena nahi hota” … life is much more than just survival…
    but well, if we have a hope in our heart, even sometime, for something good, we are beyond just “surviving”! 🙂 we are Living…all those who love, are living! 🙂
    good write up…good concept to write about!!
    keep going…

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