Generosity decreasing

I took a long walk with Tracey, I told her everything what I had been thinking since the day I met her first time. It was impressive to find out she has a proper job at the bank in city center but she just does this volunteer thing for 4 hours on one of her days off. She just wants to help and make a difference as a volunteer. That made me again think of the book I wanted to write about. This time may be about the volunteer’s life, but like always I did not have questions coming in my head that I could ask her to inspire my thoughts grow further. I did the best I could to come up with questions. I actually got away with a fact that just like what I did that day, many others just put some spare change in their collection box. I guess it is the generosity decreasing and fading away from this world. Besides that I also found out what difference it could make if you do sponsor a kid. Becoming someone’s sponsor, sharing letters back and forth; having someone to tell what is good from bad; having someone who looks up to you, it all just lifts up your life to a whole new floor where all respectable people may belong. We all demand to be respected; seldom have we done things that earn us that respect and self-satisfaction.


That night I went to bed with a realization. Realization of the fact in my head, that I only shared spare change for such kids in need instead of myself committing to sponsor one of them. I thought of those African kids Tracey talked about. I also realised there are certainly so many kids in India as well who seek help and if this help is given in a proper way, who knows they may grow up to be a teacher or a doctor. May be one of those kids is really capable of making a big difference in this world someday, but he or she would be wasted just because no one cared to know if that kid has a potential to make a difference. Because we have everything; because we get used to all that we have; because we are getting used to not appreciate; we do not realise what those kids are missing in their life. We all are grown habituated that way. We do not seem to care to sit and take time to think of what someone else may not be having that we may have a lot, that we may be able to share a little with them who might be totally missing out on it. I really wanted to start sponsoring one of those kids that Tracey told me about, which indeed was absolutely affordable even for that next best to the minimum wages I was working on as a cook. I knew there was goodness inside me, but now it made me question why it did not come out before? What took me so long?

(Taken from my upcoming book “How to write a book?” – Vighnesh Acharya)

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