another letter to Oba. (chapter 6 – teaser)

One of those sunny days in Arizona my phone rang to wake me up. It was my mother. She had received a letter from Oba on my address in India, the address where my parents were residing at. The letter was from HOPE. It was to inform me that Oba had lost his mother recently, who had been sick past few years and it would be nice if I could get in touch with him and try to make him feel better. I was hurt; I did not know what to do. My mother suggested just writing a letter to him soon as I can and let him know that I was there for him. Not that I did not want to but putting myself in his situation, I felt that I would not even feel a poke of a spear if I had lost my mother, how is my letter going to make this better for him? But from my side I had to do my part. I did not want to feel that I did not try and so I wrote Oba a very caring letter that also included my new address of Arizona and I again included a little handmade story book.

This time I wrote him a story about a little boy who had a pet dog. One day the pet dog was lost and the boy never saw the dog again. But there was a day when he met a nice furry cat on a street, he brought the cat home and they became very good friends eventually. When I was done writing that little story book with pictures, I realized that this was actually my second book. I realized may be I was already becoming a writer. Although I was writing books only for Oba, which he better realizes and be thankful for by the time he is an adult that how special he always had been for me. The only purpose of making that story was to give him another hope. Last time I gave him a hope to have a dream, with a story of a boy who became an astronaut. This time I wanted to give him a hope that thought he has lost his mother, everything is going to be okay. If we all really think of losing our mother or a father, like literally push ourselves thinking we are already in that situation, we would realize how important they are in our life. Khushi told me once; she would never do a thing or make a decision going against her parents only because she believed if your parents blessings are not with you things will not work out well for you at the end. She may be wrong or right I don’t know. But whatever she said that day about parents somehow made some sense to me, unless it is just another Indian thing.

While I got busy playing the waiting game with Oba’s reply, Chef Graham had been planning a game of his own to get all my attention and get the best out of me at work. The moment I walked into work the next day, he dragged me into his office and told me I needed to come up with the most impressive 4 course meal; cook it to perfection and be ready to be judged by the experts by 4pm that day at work. He offered me a big reward and next thing I remember was me looking at the clock striking at 4pm. I had no clue until then how I spent my day starting from 12 noon. It went faster than the speed of light. 

(taken from chapter 6 – Presentation, from my book “how to write a book” NON EDITED)

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