Don’t Give up NOW!!! (To keep blogging)

I read this somewhere (how clumsy of me neither to remember who said it, nor able to find it now),

“Success comes to those who keep on going from the point where others stopped.”

Today’s blog is dedicated to all the bloggers on WordPress. Especially those who crave a good traffic and yet regardless manage to do a good job. Following is inspired from self-realization of going over 1000 hits on my page this weekend. This is specially dedicated to the new bloggers or surviving bloggers.


I have not been blogging for too long myself, but what I have noticed a lot is bloggers coming and going in a day or two. Then I have also noticed bloggers who are consistently writing something; something good. Then there are those bloggers who write something and get famous, moving on they get lost in the crowd of “expert bloggers”. Some of those had time once to check your work and follow you but then you never heard from them again because they became too famous and busy, talking to more famous bloggers than you. We can be that too someday, no stopping to it, if you look for growth.

Within 2 months of blogging and having to notice all that is kind of scary.

The quote I mentioned on the top is for bloggers who are doing average. I was one of them. Uh I mean I am one of them or may be not even that good yet. But hey, pardon me if I do feel great already.

When you are blogging you have to concentrate on your own blog. Forget about bringing traffic and attention. Forget about how many people stop by. Stop thinking about topics you rather should write about that people want to read. Because that is when your blog will not stay yours anymore.

Few days back I found out about “bloggers awards” there are like 3 or 4 different types or something like that; never paid much attention. (I rather try remembering who said that awesome quote on the top).

One of the award-winning blogger published an article about “how to achieve those awards”. First thing that blogger said was that blog had been up since 2002. He/She got an award in 2008, so this is what I want to bring your attention to. 6 years of work and patience it took there to win an award (that is if you are planning to achieve one).

Another disturbing truth I found in that article is that blogger started writing about Erotic/Sexual topics that got him/her lots of attention. (No offense to those who are writing on same topic as long as that is exactly what you want). Now, we all know that will bring you attention too if you may write about that topic, because the world seem to love reading about it. But, the point here is the moment you start concentrating on topics to get traffic to your blog will not stay yours anymore.

So, stay where you are. Keep writing/blogging for fun. Because as far as my experience of blogging goes (2 good months), I think I got away meeting very thoughtful people who never know may turn into good friends someday.

Because I choose to write about feel good/inspirational topics, I found a few more who choose to write the same. The way I see it, there is a bunch of superheroes trying to make the world a better place reaching as many readers they can per day. Trying to cheer them up; make them feel positive; make them laugh; keep them going with the daily battles at work or home; help increasing family values. That is all it takes to be a super hero right?

So for super heroes like us and Speedy Sparks (I know you saw that coming), keep doing what you are good at. Don’t be bothered with the traffic.

Having your own thought as a blog; read by 1 person who need it the most will count much more than writing a blog that 1000 people like to read it.

Don’t give up, Keep on going. Write what makes you feel good. Happy blogging.

25 thoughts on “Don’t Give up NOW!!! (To keep blogging)

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  2. I must admit that I have become a bit confused about the whole blogging thing, being pretty new at it myself. When I first started, it was just to have a “home” for the photos of flowers that I take and words that mean something to me. But then I started hearing about “most popular blogs” and “awards”…and that gets confusing. I guess they should be whatever the person who is blogging wants it to be. If you want fame and lots of followers, then I guess there are ways to go about that. For me, I need to stay true to myself and just let happen whatever happens. I’m happy with whatever it is. I still have my “me” home…with what is important to me. 🙂

    • I have a surprise for you Carol. I had been thinking about it past 3 days, and so may be today or tomorrow I will reveal that. You’re specially gonna love it. lol. Actually there are 2 surprises for you. one ima send you in your email okay. may be in few hours. Thank you for your comment.

    • @carol – Behind the surprise only inspiration was your blog. Just like things I mentioned in this blog above; I noticed something about your blog and my next (extra) blog is a surprise you would love.

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