Right and Wrong

What is right and what is wrong? Does anyone have ever figured it out. Well, everyone reading must be thinking yes, of course it is easy to tell. I feel when we say this is right and that is wrong, we are merely differing from each other in our perception. Do you ever give it a thought that what may be feeling really wrong to you, must be the most right thing to do for someone else given in that situation?

Here I am going to take a professional example of a lawyer. A lawyer is always challenged to this question. What we do not often think of is, what if a lawyer has managed to save a criminal from going to prison. Well, what was he suppose to do? Lose a case and be non faithful to his client? or win it for him, being giving service to what he was paid for and save a real criminal from going to prison? Just to make it more complicated what if that person was really innocent?

What would you do in that case? would you save a bad guy because you want to be faithful to your customer as they pay you for your services? or would you back stab your client and be a non faithful and unprofessional for your customer, just because you wanted to do the “right thing”, as we call it.

What is the right thing for you here? To be faithful to your customer and give them best of your services? or hold on to your ethics so strong?

(Above example is not brought up to offend any professional lawyers out there.)

We all encounter situations like this every day. I know I do, and so do you. The real challenge is to get over the fact that, what we often refer to right thing and wrong thing is actually just a difference in perception from one side of the story to the other.

Never been able to completely figure it out is the beauty of life. I must admit I love it. I love it every day when I wake up and think about what surprises life will be throwing at me today.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy every second of it. One who gets away with most of the lessons learned by the time of death is the winner.

Thank you for reading.