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Today I am going to express my thoughts on something that all of us have experienced some time in life. Especially when we looked up to someone and got our expectations damaged.

How many people you can think of who are famous and will take time to write you back for your questions and suggestions? Why once somebody becomes a bit famous gets lost in a different world? Do they get to join some secret club of famous people and not allowed to talk anymore outside the group?

Anonymous Español: Anonymous

Author anonymous

There is a famous inspiring author I would not put his name here, but I have seen him growing famous and richer in past few years from the time he started. I bought the first book he wrote and I have his last one that is recently published as well. I am a big fan of his work. But I notice him running after money now. I just wish it is only what I see from outside and it is not true. But, observing closely even you would have the same impression that someone seemed trying to changed the world by inspiring people and then got lost making money instead and not replying even a single person who keeps writing him. Like I mentioned before it is perhaps our misunderstanding. Moving on….

There is an Indian Guru I want to mention about here, Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Here is where you can find out more about him. (I am not genius about how these links work, I have tried entering the link here, unless I messed up it should work fine.)

Murti of Sahajanand Swami

I am not trying to promote him or going to ask you to follow his path. I just want to bring a simple truth to the world that if you read in that link he has read and replied over 500,000 letters and personally counselled and comforted over 810,000 people. How do I know its true? Because every temple he has in the world I have seen people gathering for holy rituals every week and on festivals to personally be able to talk to him for guidance and comfort. He is famous too, yet he has remembered his purpose all along since he started, that is to help people think through with the help of his own knowledge and enlightenment.

I have given you two examples. In first one I did not put the Author’s name thinking it might be just my perception or experience and if I am no better than him I have no rights to judge him. In second example I put the Monk’s name thinking if he is doing something good he should be known to few more people. I do not know much about him but that is one thing he does without missing about replying people who seek help and guidance that touched my emotions.

Remember, if you become famous someday or if you are now it is because of the big number of people who supported you; your beliefs and your thoughts when you were nobody. It is because of them that today you are somebody. 

Make sure when people look up to you and ask you for help you give them. Make sure when somebody is lost you help that person get back on track if he asks you for direction. If you want new messages in your inbox everyday, make sure you reply to the ones sent to you before. 

Happy Monday!!!

Mondays of light and dark

The following is dedicated specially to “Monday”.

Everybody duck; Monday is here; don’t let it see you. Shake off that laziness and back to work you go or school. Whatever that is you are doing in current state of life. Remember that Bangles song? “Just another Manic Monday.”

Manic Monday

So, here is an interesting thing to lead you to the part where it feels like it was worth viewing this page, a coin. The coin is something that holds two totally different sides that will never be noticed by each other, even though being on a same body. There are barely few such things out there in the world that holds two controversial sides to each other yet belong in a same body. One of those is the most amazing creation of God. That is a human body.

A human body holds two things, Light and Darkness. I am not just talking about the part that from outside it feels the light and inside its all dark. I am talking about our most precious assets heart and mind.

God made our body with bones; muscles; tissues and lots of cells. The muscles are capable to bring us towards the light. Light here refers to the strength to work hard. God designed our body in such a way that the more we train our body to work harder the longer we can keep going. Keeping healthy is a key here.God also gave us mind and heart. This heart sometimes has its own funny business going on when it is broken. That is when it makes us see only the darkness. We forget absolutely about the light, because when heart is broken we only feel the darkness. Worse than that is our brain.

A powerful light shines in the dark.

Like it says up there this article is dedicated to Monday, this brain of ours is our enemy when Monday shows up. Every time your body tries to bring you towards the light of hard work and progress, sometimes it is this brain being all lazy and not letting the body do its job. That is why it causes the darkness. It directly becomes an enemy of working hard or getting out of bed and starting to do over the things after two days of fun. Do not let this darkness get to you.

There are ways to start a good smiley Monday. Crack a joke with your barista in the morning.

When he/she says, “here’s your coffee”.

You say, “Thanks a latte”.

Last Monday I tried this it works perfect. This girl hands me my coffee and asks me, “Would you like your receipt, sir?”

I took a sip of my coffee and said, “Depends what is your return policy.”

Luckily she gets the funny side of it and there is a light laughter cracking up. Even the woman behind me heard and smiled. That start of the day felt so good, that feeling of goodness stayed with me till I was done working. Some of you may find there is no joke in it, which is okay because most of the people I told that joke later on to, didn’t find it funny either.

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

The point is to give it a happy try to start with, shaking off all the laziness and there you have it.

Good luck!!! Make people laugh today, that’s all Mondays are for.

Now on, Mondays are laughter days. Use it to ease into your work routine again.

Have good stuff lined up for you all for rest of the week. Subscribe or follow if you would like to have a daily dose of inspiration. My promise to you all is to think all day about everything and bring you only the best out of it. Tomorrow I have a very interesting story about “criticism”.

Hope you have a lovely Monday. 

A story of Two Brothers – Resolve conflicts.

An old widower died a few years ago leaving his 2 sons behind, a beautifully built house in the suburbs and a shoe factory. Both the sons knew how much hard work their parents had to do to have built a house like that. After losing both the parents, this house was the only sign left of the love there was in that family for one other.

As the time passed those 2 brothers got older. Every brick of the wall in that house was once full of love, had started feeling the coming of the unknown and unexpected. There was one day when the brothers got into a conflict. There was an argument about taking a decision over selling the old shoe factory. It was that night when for the first time the center wall of that house was shaken with a threat and so it started appearing with a little crack.

It was a month later when that crack in the wall got bigger, after taking all the vibrations from the growing differences between the two brothers and their own families. Sadly, both the brothers only noticed the crack but did not make an effort to fix it.

Now, finally the shoe factory is sold today. Both the brothers are living in the same house their parents built with love but it only looks a bit different now. Where there was a little crack once, there is a whole new wall which divides the center wall and so separating the house into two equal shares. Those brothers have changed the way that house looks; because now it has separate gates each facing east and the west, so they do not have to see each other’s face anymore. The very beautiful welcoming gate on the north side is rusty and on that gate hangs a giant chain with a five lbs heavy lock.

There were efforts; time; money; dreams and feelings put in making of that house. But now, only separation; division; envy; jealousy and silence practiced there.

What would you have done when you saw that crack first appeared? Would you have let it grow if you were one of those two brothers? We all seldom have, knowingly or unknowingly helped such cracks to grow into a whole new wall. Maybe we still are doing it every day.

Time takes actions quietly. Take control now. Say no to conflicts. Grow no conflicts – at work; at home and most of all in any relationships.

Take a moment and look over your shoulder. Look for any such conflicts in which you contributed to start with. Go back, try to correct it. Apologize if need to.

United we rule. United we grow. Together can we spread more love.

Say no to conflicts


The following blog is dedicated to “rich men” and “poor men”. Every rich man is poor in some way and every poor man is rich in a certain way. This actually makes a lot of sense if you sit and think about it after you are done reading it.

This following theory does not apply to every rich man or every poor man.

Many times we notice some rich people who believe in a lot of show off. A rich man puts on a nice Versace shoes; he has to have a sports car; he throws a dinner party for charity spending 1000 dollars for a plate; he makes donations and asks his name to be shown with the amount. This here, “the show off” part is what really makes him POOR in reality. Some rich people have to show that they are rich. These, “some rich men” we talk about are poor because they have to keep showing off. It is this type of thinking that actually is “poverty”.

We barely notice that a poor man does not show off that he is poor. This is funny of course if you imagine how awkward it would be, if a poor man goes on talking about how poor he is everywhere and to everyone. This poor man makes sure of having a smile on his face. Maybe he really is happy because he does not have to worry about keeping track of his money and his richness level or keep buying things that he can show off or maybe he is just sad as we assume he should be, but yet there is no part of showing off in his case. This thinking is his “richness”.

Now, the beauty of this fact is though a rich man is actually poor with his thinking of showing off and a poor man is rich by his very simple behaviour of living, they both do not seem to realize how actually poor or rich they are. Neither the rich man has a clue of his ego for having too much money to spend, I mean “to waste”, nor does the poor man has any idea how rich he may be right now with his simplicity.

It is easy to be rich without any money in your pocket. It is also very easy to be very poor though you have enough money to buy everything under this sky.

After all once again, it all comes down to “who you really are, and who you really wish to be”.  


Money is making the world spin around these days. While some of us are talking about getting rich or die trying, there are people who have so much of money they do not know what to do with it.

Money can make you. Money can also break you.

Best thing to do when you have extra money falling out of your pocket is either to invest into something that will give you more money OR use it after a good cause. Charity may be?

Now, what if you have extra money that you have no clue what to do with? What if you become so rich someday that you cannot think of what more i-tunes to pay for or what more credit line to meet up with. I wish we all have so much money someday that we do not know what to do with it. well, are you going to invest it into something that will give you more money for future? I don’t think having more would be the wiser thing to do, if you are already having hard time thinking what to do with what you already have.

The latter thought comes in action here. Charity my friend. Give. That not only “gives” you the pleasure you get from the act of “GIVING” but it may also make a big difference into someones life who may be seeking some sort of financial aid, in order to move forward in life where they need to get to.

Giving is not limited to money. Do you think you have a lot of love to give? Do you think your workplace or your relationship can be much better if you give more efforts into it? Why think twice then? Start Giving now. Feel the pleasure of giving that most of us miss out on.

Giving is an act that is fading away from the face of earth. Let’s Give more. Let’s Give more money (of course to someone who really needs and deserves the most, not everyone or anyone). Give more efforts. Give more love. Giving will not only help you go to bed peacefully at the end of the day, power and pleasure you will get from “GIVING” will also help you defeat humanly enemies like EGO and EXPECTATIONS.