Money is making the world spin around these days. While some of us are talking about getting rich or die trying, there are people who have so much of money they do not know what to do with it.

Money can make you. Money can also break you.

Best thing to do when you have extra money falling out of your pocket is either to invest into something that will give you more money OR use it after a good cause. Charity may be?

Now, what if you have extra money that you have no clue what to do with? What if you become so rich someday that you cannot think of what more i-tunes to pay for or what more credit line to meet up with. I wish we all have so much money someday that we do not know what to do with it. well, are you going to invest it into something that will give you more money for future? I don’t think having more would be the wiser thing to do, if you are already having hard time thinking what to do with what you already have.

The latter thought comes in action here. Charity my friend. Give. That not only “gives” you the pleasure you get from the act of “GIVING” but it may also make a big difference into someones life who may be seeking some sort of financial aid, in order to move forward in life where they need to get to.

Giving is not limited to money. Do you think you have a lot of love to give? Do you think your workplace or your relationship can be much better if you give more efforts into it? Why think twice then? Start Giving now. Feel the pleasure of giving that most of us miss out on.

Giving is an act that is fading away from the face of earth. Let’s Give more. Let’s Give more money (of course to someone who really needs and deserves the most, not everyone or anyone). Give more efforts. Give more love. Giving will not only help you go to bed peacefully at the end of the day, power and pleasure you will get from “GIVING” will also help you defeat humanly enemies like EGO and EXPECTATIONS.