Higher expectations and lower results.

Disappointment; setbacks, we all have heard enough stories about it. But real fun is when we experience it.

Most or maybe all of us have and will experience that we expected a lot believing in ourselves while we ended up barely meeting any of our expectations, when our work was judged by the “masters”.

How did you feel when you were told, you do not qualify for something really you wanted bad? How did you cope when you realized what you thought you had a lot was barely a handful? How was it to live in a moment watching everything you believed in and dreamed of was just your misunderstanding while reality is totally different? Did you let go what you hold for so long just because you could not do it right? Did you start walking leaving the person behind who believed in you the most?

DISAPPOINTMENT (Spiritual Sticky)

DISAPPOINTMENT (Spiritual Sticky) (Photo credit: spiritualchicken)

So many stories you may have read by now that tells you to fight back. Did they ever make any difference to you, when you really felt disappointed?

Whether you realized or not I know they did help you. They helped you to stay calm for a bit. They helped you to get up again and fight. If I drive this thought a bit towards business I remember a quote I read last night from Henry Ford.

“I do not believe a man can ever leave his business. He ought to think of it by day and dream of it by night.”

That must tell you that even if there was a time you left something behind thinking, you cannot do it right or as good as others, there will be a time when you will get back to do the same. You may not get over your setback in a day or two but may be in next 38 years or so, you will.

You will never take apart what makes you “YOU”.

Remember, no matter what they say but at the end of the day, you only answer yourself. You do what feels good to you, and you do it in a way that suites you the best.

Perfect Day

So, I am thinking I better start making the flow of my blog writing consistent. This week, if I remember correctly this is the 3rd consecutive day of me writing a blog. I still feel of having no pattern of publishing blogs. For now it looks like on a daily basis, but I have no assurance in my own head of doing that. Temporarily I have hit a writer’s block and not able to move forward with my book. I am stuck at chapter 6 where the protagonist is in Arizona, has no communication lately with the kid he is sponsoring in Africa. The protagonist is working with professional chefs who not only has cooking but life lessons to teach him as well. Now, being off from my work where I cook, then being scared of the writer’s block and not being able to make use of my day off for bringing that book to “the end” is my perfect day? I think not. 


What is your perfect day? What does it even mean to have a perfect day? How does it come to you? Does it knock on your door when you wake up? or a night before does it leave you a wall post on your facebook account saying, “Long time no C, I’ma catchup wichya 2moro.” ? 

Does a perfect day means no rain but sunshine; no cold but warmth; no tears but laughter ? What can be a perfect day really? Why do we think of a perfect day? Why do we seek a perfect day? Is it something we plan to have and make it happen? Is it something we realize after we are done experiencing it? Well, that sounds more like it. 

So many thoughts you can put into “perfect day”. Do you ever feel that, may b it is just our perception? Can’t we have a perfect day everyday? I think we can. How? Well, if you think its just a perception, it should be easy just by changing your perception from something more positive, right?


I think the perfect day is when we have learned and a lot about pleasing ourselves and have managed to do it effectively. It could be playing video games; having sex 5 times; going out in the sun. We all have different definitions of having a perfect day on hand. Doesn’t that make it very clear that it is just about perception? Sometimes after spending a very lazy day we realize we have nothing got done and the day just passed by you swiftly. And then comes the regretting part to make sure we do not have a perfect night either. 

Sometimes it is good to be lazy, sometimes it is good to have got a lot done. You may have plan with your life or your day, but the universe may already have a plan for you. You must have experienced starting your day full of nervousness and laziness and feeling “blah” as some of us like to call it and then by the end of it finding yourself as happy as a hungry panda set free in a jungle full of bamboos. In that situation you did not plan a perfect day, you only made plans to have yourself a day full of finding secured corner and saving yourself from those nerve wrecking projects and presentations. All you have to do is have a bit more of adventurous perception and be ready to ride that roller coaster for amusement of your own.


If keeping ourselves happy and confident is our perfect day, let us turn every single day into our perfect day. Say no to fear, say yes to adventure. Say yes, in order to experience the worst to build yourself stronger. The sooner we get over all those negative thoughts or feelings, the better deal we get away with scoring more of perfect days. Stay positive, stay put. Nothing is going to go WRONG. Take your work as part of your routine. Consider every bad or challenging experience as an opportunity to grow yourself wiser and stronger. Remove the word “Bad day” from your dictionary. Say yes to a “Perfect Day”.

Only you have to answer yourself at the end of the day, you don’t need to answer anyone else. Did you spend your day happily? Did you learn something new? Did you make others around you happy? Did you make any difference? Make this questions answered in YES for real and you have a Perfect day. 

If you manage to do it everyday, your each day from now is guaranteed to be your “perfect day”.