Being brave or coward?

What is more important really?

Being brave or being a coward?

Being brave you will stand up against problems; like a super hero. A biggest challenge for most super hero we see is having a girlfriend. Why? Because after the evil they face every day, themselves are not even sure if they will be coming back home alive at the end of the day. Being brave can cost life. If not life at least comfort and peace of yours and others around you who are your loved ones.

Being a coward you keep up a low profile. You live with your head down no matter where you come and go. You do not have to worry about standing up against what’s wrong. You barely even have to think what is wrong and right.

Life is full of dilemma. What if spider-man realizes, what MJ goes through every day worrying about him? What if Super-man ends up peeping inside Lois Lane’s head and discovers the terror she goes through every time she has to see him fighting with attacking monsters and surviving around Kryptonite? Is that realization really worth of being brave and saving the world?

This is the thought I recently had. The deeper I tried thinking about it the more confused I felt. Think of taking some big risks for the better of the world or think of doing something you think is right ethically; and now think of the consequences you have to deal with. Now, put yourself in the shoes of your loved ones. see the whole situation through their eyes and ask yourself, “Is it worth putting them through it?” How does it feel to realize how seriously they worry about you when you are doing something that you think is “right” or as an act of bravery?

Now, get back in your shoes and think what is more worth, Being brave or being a coward and “Just deal with it”.

Life is something!  isn’t it?


The following blog is dedicated to “rich men” and “poor men”. Every rich man is poor in some way and every poor man is rich in a certain way. This actually makes a lot of sense if you sit and think about it after you are done reading it.

This following theory does not apply to every rich man or every poor man.

Many times we notice some rich people who believe in a lot of show off. A rich man puts on a nice Versace shoes; he has to have a sports car; he throws a dinner party for charity spending 1000 dollars for a plate; he makes donations and asks his name to be shown with the amount. This here, “the show off” part is what really makes him POOR in reality. Some rich people have to show that they are rich. These, “some rich men” we talk about are poor because they have to keep showing off. It is this type of thinking that actually is “poverty”.

We barely notice that a poor man does not show off that he is poor. This is funny of course if you imagine how awkward it would be, if a poor man goes on talking about how poor he is everywhere and to everyone. This poor man makes sure of having a smile on his face. Maybe he really is happy because he does not have to worry about keeping track of his money and his richness level or keep buying things that he can show off or maybe he is just sad as we assume he should be, but yet there is no part of showing off in his case. This thinking is his “richness”.

Now, the beauty of this fact is though a rich man is actually poor with his thinking of showing off and a poor man is rich by his very simple behaviour of living, they both do not seem to realize how actually poor or rich they are. Neither the rich man has a clue of his ego for having too much money to spend, I mean “to waste”, nor does the poor man has any idea how rich he may be right now with his simplicity.

It is easy to be rich without any money in your pocket. It is also very easy to be very poor though you have enough money to buy everything under this sky.

After all once again, it all comes down to “who you really are, and who you really wish to be”.